13/03/2013 15:14

Chronology of events leading to published notification.

  Persons Involved: Bailie Kate Cooper (My Daughter aged 9) Nigel Cooper (Father and legal guardian) Gail Cooper (A condemned alcoholic with mental health issues, and habitual drug user)   January 3rd 2006 – Father is appointed to a consultancy position for NATO.   Augusts 2006 –...

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12/03/2013 13:35

The Judgement

The Judgement can be found here:   The Judgement - page 01_RG 11-3804-A_1.pdf (903,4 kB) The Judgement - page 02_RG 11-3804-A_2.pdf (1,2 MB) The Judgement - Page 03_RG 11-3804-A_3.pdf (2,2 MB) The Judgement - Page 04_RG 11-3804-A_4.pdf (2,2 MB) The Judgement - Page 05_RG 11-3804-A_5.pdf (2,2...

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