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Chronology of events leading to published notification.


Persons Involved:

Bailie Kate Cooper (My Daughter aged 9)

Nigel Cooper (Father and legal guardian)

Gail Cooper (A condemned alcoholic with mental health issues, and habitual drug user)


January 3rd 2006 –

Father is appointed to a consultancy position for NATO.


Augusts 2006 –

Due to the alcoholism affecting Ms. Cooper, father demand Bailie be placed in his safe custody in Belgium.


October 2006 –

Father receives full power of attorney for Bailie Kate Cooper from the mother.

Father registers Bailie with the communal registrar “Madam Phillippo”

Father registers Bailie into Kindgarten – SHAPE

Father registers Bailie with local doctor Mons.


2007 –

Ms. Cooper assures father her alcohol problems have been solved? Father agrees to reconcile and allows Ms. Cooper to join him and his daughter in Belgium. Shortly after Ms. Cooper arrival in Belgium it became evident that she had lied about her alcohol problems, which were actually very dire, (A bottle of Jack Daniels a day). (Read Social Services report handed to Mons public court)


Late 2010 –

Father has had to cater for the family needs, go to work, look after Bailie, clean the home, do the washing, cook the meals and do the shopping due to the alcohol effecting Ms. Cooper

At total exhaustion, father seeks help from a doctor who prescribes heavy medication for his exhaustion.


February 2011 –

Father, while under medical supervision, is driven out of his home by the alcoholic actions of Ms. Cooper.


March 2011 –

Ms Cooper commits a felony by defrauding Lessines commune playing on the similarities of names from her previous relationship. The document presented to Lessines were a power of attorney for her OTHER daughter.


April 2011 –

Father requests a divorce from the alcoholic mother and pursues full custody of his daughter. At this point a local attorney makes a major error and issues the divorce proceedings to an 8 years old and not the wife!


August 2011 –

Mother issues a blackmail letter demanding the sum of 2000 Euros per month, a signed letter from the Belgium authorities declaring she would not be arrested for child abduction. Failure to produce such letter would result in the father never seeing or communicating with his daughter.


Father is notified that his daughter has been deregistered from Belgium without his signature. Father seeks legal assistance to retrieve his daughter from the UK. Due to the time lapsed, Belgium no longer held direct jurisdiction after 90 days.


Father presents power of attorney and letter of a felony to The Belgium Central Authority in accordance with The Hague Convention Bis II. Belgium commences return procedures to recover Bailie Kate Cooper. The UK assigns Ms. Stephanie Adams of Williscroft & Co. Solicitors as his attorney.


September 2011 -

Father writes a warning letter to Sunderland Social Services requesting help to care for his daughter while he undertakes the necessary legal action to have his daughter retuned to his safe custody. (Copies held by Central Authority, UK Police and Sunderland social service)Receipts held by Mr. Cooper


November 25th 2011 –

Ms. Adams hid vital documents from the judge and perverts the course of justice. UK Judge rejects the clear legal grounds of Belgium, (a felony and power of attorney) and declares I agreed to the release of Bailie from Belgium and refuses to return Bailie to her rightful home and residence of Belgium.


December 2011 –

The father collects Bailie from the UK; with a December air temperature of -5 degrees, the mother dresses Bailie in summer clothes. Bailie is infested with head lice, has an oral infection, other personal infections and rashes and malnourished.


Belgium issues Article 11 of The Hague convention against the UK.


January 2012 –

Father returns Bailie to the UK in accordance with the judgment issued by the UK. The father always obeys the law.


The UK Social services commence the demonization of the father although they have never spoke to him. Social services in the name of Johanna Bonar cut all forms of communications to Bailie.


March 2012 –

A Belgian Judgment base of Article 11 grants full custody of Bailie to her father and demands the immediate return of Bailie. An international passport certificate (Article 42) is issued. The judgment is immediately enforceable and grants to ALL police (wherever they my be) full powers to gain entry to retrieve Bailie and return her to her father.


A UK judge disobeys the law and refuses to honor the Belgium judgment and dishonoring The Hague Convention Bis II


June 2012 –

Nigel Cooper, born 18th February 1960, resident at Rue Grande 205 Ap2-2, B7020, Mons, Belgium. Being a full Belgian resident and under full Belgium jurisdiction invokes the common mans rights to summon the Belgium Supreme Court under the 1993 Anti Atrocity law. Mr. Nigel Cooper brings the charge against the CROWN of The United Kingdom in the form of the Family Services of an atrocity against mankind for the kidnapping and child trafficking of his daughter.


Late summer of 2012 –

The UK in the name of Justice Moylan declared that the enforceable judgment was not enforceable? How can this be when the law states that it has to be enforce and cannot be declared anything else?


December 2012 – Belgium Federal Justice issue a letter to myself declaring that the case is still open – (but the UK refused to enforce?).


December 2012 – I contacted a UK solicitor and presented the judgment for immediate enforcement. I was told I have never requested enforcement? How can this be if a public web page has stated “Enforcement refused under the name of Justice Moylan). How can a UK solicitor then claim I have never requested this in court? This is a clear indication that a perversion of justice has occurred.


It is now mid January 2013 and no one has auctioned anything in the UK.





Nigel Cooper